How It Works

What is SpoonerSpot?

SpoonerSpot is a geographic micro-blogging platform that lets you share information about your world. Spot important places, and learn about the world of your friends and favorite businesses!

How to Use SpoonerSpot?

SpoonerSpot lets you learn, explore and share your world with just a click, giving you an experience unlike anything else on the web. Here’s a quick step by step guide to get you started:

1. Create Spots

Spotting is easy. Just explore the map by zooming in and out, or by using the go to bar on the top of the page. Once you’ve found some place special, simply right click on the map, tell a quick story, upload a picture or both, and you’re done. You can go back and edit your Spots anytime!

2. Follow Spooners

Take a look around SpoonerSpot for Spooners to follow. Find your friends by using the search bar or check out the most recent Spots in the Most Recent tab. Just click on the Follow button next to any Spooner’s name to add the Spooner’s Spots to your map!

3. Explore the world

Zoom in and out, click and drag or use the go to bar to go anywhere in the world. There’s Spots for you to see wherever you go. Read Spots. Comment on Spots. Explore the world and start talking to other Spooners today!

Why use SpoonerSpot?

Spots contain stories, pictures and more, and SpoonerSpot lets you learn about the important places of the Spooners you follow. Your followers see your world too, so Spot special memories, important events and places you hope to visit today!