What is SpoonerSpot?
    SpoonerSpot is a geographic Social Networking website that showcases the Spots of each Spooner on an interactive map. Spots are created by right clicking anywhere in the world and are filled with text, photos and other forms of media. Using a follow system Spooners can choose whose Spots to follow on their customizable map, or choose to search through public Spots to learn about new places and meet new Spooners. SpoonerSpot is completely free, so sign up today!

Is SpoonerSpot Free?
    Yes! SpoonerSpot is always free! SpoonerSpot is a free Social Networking platform that lets you, the Spooner, share information about your world! What are you waiting for? Let’s put your life on the map!

Who uses SpoonerSpot?
    Spooners! Spooners are the affectionate name we have for you, the user. Anyone can be a Spooner. Just sign up for an account and start Spotting today. SpoonerSpot is for everyone!

What is a Spooner?
    You are a Spooner! Spooners are the name we affectionately use for the members of the SpoonerSpot community.

What is Spotting?
    Spotting is the act of creating a Spot on SpoonerSpot. Just find a place on the map, right click, and instantly your Spot is created. Then fill your Spot with a story, an image more so other Spooners can learn about your Spots!

What is SpoonerShots?
    SpoonerShots is our community photo-blog. Got an interesting shot? Is it Random? Hot? Funny? Tasty? Cool? Whatever it is, send it in and keep an eye out because your Shot may just be in the next edition of SpoonerShots!

Do all of my pictures get sent to SpoonerShots?
    No. Only Shots that you actually upload to the SpoonerShots section will be included in the photo-blogs. If you attach a photo to one of your Spots it will only be seen on that Spot.

What is the best ________?
    We’re always on the lookout for the newest and best Spots, and we want your help! Every month we are running new contests and the winner is chosen based on the most active Spot. Take a look on the SpoonerSpot homepage every day, and when you have a Spot that fits into one of our contests submit it! Good luck and check back often!

Why sign up? Can’t I use SpoonerSpot as a guest?
    SpoonerSpot can be navigated without ever signing up, but creating Spots and talking to other users is reserved for Spooners only.

Where did you get the name "SpoonerSpot"?
    It’s catchy. And it’s a variation on our parent company’s name, CitySpoon Inc. Our members are Spooners and they create Spots! SpoonerSpot!

Where is SpoonerSpot based?
    SpoonerSpot was developed by CitySpoon Inc., which is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV.